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(1) Negative feedback mechanism is the process in which product of a reaction is opposite to that of initiating stimulus. Which of the following is its example

(2) The example of useful positive feedback mechanism in the body includes

(3) Excessive formation of a substance secretion by the initial stimulus in the body is controlled to maintain homeostasis by

(4) The approximate extracellular fluid volume in a normal individual is

(5) Positive feedback mechanism

(6) In order to accomplish homeostasis positive feedback mechanism

(7) A person standing outside in a cold weather starts to shiver. Shivering on exposure to cold is the result of

(8) To get rid of metabolic waste products like urea and uric acid, is important for maintaining internal environment relatively constant. Which of the following organ system in human body plays major role to accomplish above mentioned homeostatic function

(9) Human body is equipped with different types of control systems, which are specialized to detect the change in stimulus and bring about compensatory response. When a person is exposed to extremely cold weather, shivering is a response elicited by which of the following above mentioned systems

(10) The term "milieu interieur" refers to which body fluid

(11) The volume of intracellular fluid is

(12) Normal range of blood pH is:

(13) Intracellular fluid is deficient in

(14) The gain of the system controlling body temperature is above

(15) Milieu interieur is the term which was introduced in 19th century by one of the following

(16) Homeostasis is