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Misc Autacoids, Chelating Agents ,Drugs in Glaucoma

(1) First generation, H1 receptor antagonist antihistamine commonly used as over-the-counter sold preparations. Which of the following will be useful for the treatment of allergic rhinitis:

(2) Serotonin is an important amine neurotransmitter which is involved in different physiological functions and also has got role in numerous pathological conditions. In the body serotonin is synthesized from which amino acid:

(3) 2nd generation antihistamines are also considered as day time antihistamines because they do not produce sedative effect. Which one of the following antihistamines is least likely to cause sedation:

(4) Dimenhydrinate is effective in the therapy of all the following conditions but it is unlikely to be effective in which of the following conditions:

(5) A 25 yrs old young man alog with his friend went on an excursion trip but he developed motion sickness while travelling uphill on a zig-zag road. Whih of the following drugs wil be more useful for his motion sickness:

(6) Second generation H1 receptor antagonist antihistamines are useful in treating which of the following conditions:

(7) Which of the following drugs may cause an increase in appetite and may lead to weight gain:

(8) Which of the following is a serotonin agonist:

(9) Antihistamines (H1 Blockers) are broadly divided into 1st and 2nd generations. Which of the following describes the major difference between a first and a second-generation antihistamine:

(10) Latonoprost is an agonist at the PGF2 receptors and is effective for the treatment of which of the following conditions:

(11) Which of the following agents is unlikely to be effective in the prophylactic treatment of migraine headache:

(12) Use of sumatriptan is contraindicated in which one of the following conditions:

(13) The therapeutic effect of the triptan class of drugs is caused by which mechanism of action:

(14) Methysergide is indicated for the treatment of migraine because it has which one of the following effect:

(15) A 35-years-old woman with a history of migraine reports to her physician that the last time she used her medicine to stop an acute attack, she felt numbness and tingling in her extremities and balanching and cyanosis of her fingers. Which one of the following medication did she take:

(16) A patient is suffering from acute congestive (Narrow Angle) glaucoma and is getting treatment for it. Which of the following drug on topical ocular administration may aggravate his underlying disease so is contra-indicated:

(17) A 52 years-old postmenopausal woman is placed on a drug that decreases osteoclast activation but may intensify dot flashes. Which drug was most likely given to this patient:

(18) A 18 years old girl complains of runny nose and itchy eyes for past 2 years during mid summers. Which drug when taken orally would provide sufficient relief from these symptoms without unpleasant sedating adverse effects:

(19) For 6 months a 39 year old woman has been experiencing left sided pulsatile headaches. Before each headache, she feels disoriented and sees bilateral flashes of light. The pain is always unilateral and is often associated with nausea, vomiting and photophobia. Which of the following drugs should be given for termination of her attacks:

(20) A 54 years old woman comes to the emergency room with complaints of pain associated with an acute mild/moderate migraine attack. Which of the follow drugs would you prescribe to terminate the attack:

(21) In addition to blocking the histamine H1 receptor, this drug also has a strong affinity for the α-adrenergic receptor and the cholinergic muscarinic receptor:

(22) Ansa, a newly married lady is living in taxila. She accompanies her husband to visit his parents in jehlum, fortnightly. But while traveling she has severe nausea & vomiting. Which of the following drug you would prescribe for prophylaxis of this problem: