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(1) In drosophila (fruit files), eye colours is sex-linked and red eye colour is dominant to white eye colour. Which of the following is not possible in cross between red-eyed male and a heterozygous female:

(2) An extra finger in human is rare but is due to a dominant gene. When one parent is normal and the other parent has an extra finger but is heterozygous for the trait, what is the prohability that the first child will be normal:

(3) A woman with one gene for haemophilia and one gene for color blindness on one of the X chromosomes marries a normal man. How will the progeny be:

(4) Which of the following is known as Royal disease:

(5) Down's syndrome is characterized by:

(6) Duchenne muscular dystrophy is caused by a sex-linked recessive allele. Its victims are almost invariably boys, who usually die in younger age. Why is this disorde almost never seen in girls:

(7) Phenotypic changes including increased height, longtapering fingers and eGtepitt-lentis is a feature of which of the following:

(8) A male has features of hypogonadism, small atrophic testes along with lack of secondary male characteristics. He also has developed gynecomastia. Which one of the chromosomal abnormality is most likely:

(9) A 45 year male experienced weight loss and easy fatigability with symptoms of polyuria and polydipsia. Laboratory investigations showed markedly increased blood sugar levels along with glycosuria. This disorder is an example of which one of the following probable inheritance pattern:

(10) A Widespread disorder due to a defect in epithelial chloride transport affecting fluid secretion in exocrine glands, epithelial lining of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and reproductive tracts is called:

(11) A 27 year old infertile man showing bilateral gynecomastia, reduced testicular size, and reduced body hair (Klinefelter syndrome) have the following karyotype:

(12) A 10 year old boy who is having down's syndrome is most likely to develop following disease by age 20:

(13) Familial disorders such as type IV Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that result from abnormalities of collagens synthesis and present during adulthood have what type of inheritance pattern:

(14) A 25 year old woman with primary amenorrhea, short stature, webbed neck and widely spaced nipples (Turner syndrome) is most likely to have a following karyotype:

(15) Which of the following chromosomal abnormalities is most likely to be present in the somatic cells of a child having down's syndrome:

(16) A 13 year old boy with fasting serum glucose of 175 mg/dL is having the following probable inheritnace pattern of this disease:

(17) A genetic defect involving which of the following substances is most likely to be present in Marfan's syndrome:

(18) The inheritance pattern of Hemophilia A is which one of the following:

(19) A child having hepatosplenomegaly and accumlation of foamy macrophages is most likely to have following disease:

(20) In a man which of the following genotypes and phenotypes may be the correct result of aneupioidy in sex chromosome:

(21) A 2 year old presents with yellowing of sclera,skin and oral mucosa. Which of the following accumulations underline these findings:

(22) Which statement concerning a pair of alleles for a gene controlling a single characteristic in human is true:

(23) Which of the following is considered an important clinical feature for Downs syndrome:

(24) The transfer of one segment of a chromosome to another chromosome is termed as:

(25) The karyotypic abnormility found in Klinefelteres syndrome is:

(26) A young boy is being evaluated for developmental delay, mild autism and mental retardation. Physical examination reveals the boy to have large everted ears and a long face with large mandible, he is also found to have macroorchidism (large testes) and extensive workup reveals multiple tandon repeats of the nucleotide sequence CGG in his DNA. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis:

(27) In polymorphism there is:

(28) A single mutant gene leading to many end effects is called:

(29) Mutation in single gene produces:

(30) Most common Mendelian disorder is:

(31) In familial hypercholesterolaemia myocardial infarction can even occur at the age of:

(32) In alkaptonuria there is deficiency of:

(33) The most common cause of aneuploidy is:

(34) The 47 XXY syndrome of klinefelter's syndrome is due to:

(35) Most common heart disease in Turner's syndrome is:

(36)Maternal age is important in:

(37) Karyotype of true hermaphrodite is:

(38) Which can make the earliest prenatal diagnosis of congenital disorders:

(39) Cystic fibrosis gene is localized on chromosome number: